What is a Senior work-up?

Physical Examination: This twice yearly visit to our office helps our doctors check your pet for physical signs of cancer, arthritis, heart and lung disease, dental disease, old age vision changes.

Complete Blood Count: This blood test helps identify infections, anemia, and certain types of cancer as well as problems with bleeding and the immune system.

Serum Chemistry Profile: This blood test can help identify diseases of the liver and kidneys, as well as endocrine diseases such as diabetes.

Complete Urinalysis: A urine sample can help test for kidney disease, diabetes, urinary tract infections and bladder stones.
Early Renal Damage Test (ERD): This urine test can help us catch signs of kidney disease earlier than blood testing, by detecting small amounts of protein in the urine.

Heartworm Test: This blood test detects heartworm larva in the blood. It is important to test your dog every 2 years to be sure that your dog has not contracted this life-threatening disease.

Other tests: Depending on your pet=s overall health, additional tests such as blood pressure measurement, radiographs, ultrasound, electrocardiography, thyroid or adrenal gland testing or other function tests may be needed.