Puppy-Proof Your Home

  • Don’t leave cigarette butts in ashtrays where the puppy can get to them. If eaten, the cigarette butts can lead to nicotine poisoning.
  • Secure electrical cords to baseboards or make them inaccessible. If your puppy chews on them, it can suffer electric shock burns and may even die.
  • Keep Christmas decorations our of the dogs reach. Crushed glass Christmas balls can result in nasty cuts.
  • Never burn candles where they’re accessible to pups. The flame will attract them.
  • Keep medication bottles out of the puppy’s way. Childproof containers are not enough where puppies are concerned.
  • Always keep the toilet lid down if you use toilet bowl cleaners. They are often strongly alkaline, and an open bowl is always tempting for a puppy.
  • Keep cellar doors and upper story windows closed. A curious puppy is as vulnerable as a young child.
  • Don’t invite other pets to your house until your puppy is fully vaccinated. A puppy’s resistance to infection is lower than an adult dogs until about 16 weeks of age.
  • Dispose of chicken or turkey bones in a puppy-proof manner. Puppies like these bones and will search through the trash to get them. Bones can be life-threatening.
  • Don’t leave needles or pins out where the puppy can get to them. They often swallow them.
  • Be certain antifreeze is out of reach and any drippings are cleaned up completely. All dogs are attracted to its scent. Antifreeze is highly toxic.
  • Use pesticides and rodent poisons with caution. Hanging strips, fly paper and other exposed toxins must be kept out of reach.
  • Avoid using flea collars, flea dips, and other preparations on your puppy without consulting with your veterinarian first.
  • Keep your puppy away from toxic plants. Rhododendron, Japanese yew, and lily of the valley, as well as peach and cherry pits can all cause problems if eaten.

Prepared by the American Humane Association