New Clients

Excellence is achieved through training to high standards of customer service, thorough knowledge of the services that we offer, and appearance. Our goal is to not only meet, but to exceed our clients’ expectations of service and medical care. In order to exceed our clients’ expectations, we must learn the standards of our practice and then work together as a team to accomplish these standards.

Mission Statement
Promote and strengthen the human-animal bond through compassionate client education, timely and effective preventive care, and state-of-the-art diagnostics, surgery, and treatments.

Vision Statement

  • Continually improve the care we provide through formal continuing education, equipment acquisition, and ongoing in-house medical and customer service training.
  • Accept referrals for appropriate cases.
  • Provide a desirable and stimulating work environment where peoples’ ideas and suggestions are sought and valued.

Core Values for Timpanogos Animal Hospital

We believe:

  • That the best business model is to provide the highest quality medical care with the best customer service.
  • In having pride in where we work, what we do, and in doing our best.
  • In being dependable, working together as a team, and showing respect for each other.
  • That the more one is concerned about the happiness and well-being of one’s co-workers, the more they will enjoy their work and the happier they will be.
  • That we each have a responsibility to help the team succeed.
  • Clients and their pets are best served by a practice that functions as a team.
  • In being completely honest with our clients and not recommending things for their pets that we don’t sincerely feel are in their best interest.
  • In being compassionate to our patients.
  • That every patient deserves relief of pain, a clean and comfortable enclosure, compassionate care, the opportunity to go to the bathroom, a correct diagnosis. (Animal Bill of Rights)
  • That we should treat others’ pets the way we would treat our own.
  • In being passionate about what we do and always giving our best effort.
  • In keeping up to date on medical practices and providing services and procedures that are generally not offered at other facilities.
  • That we must avoid gossiping, back-biting, or bad-mouthing our clients or each other.
  • That we should not make financial decisions for our clients.
  • That we should offer options to our clients and provide the best possible care for their pets that they can or want to afford.
  • That we should treat every client like they are our best client.
  • That the practice that has the most educated clients wins!
  • That we should accept criticism and be kind when offering it.
  • Strongly that we need weekly team meetings for training and to address any team or customer service issues. These meetings also bond us together and strengthen our resolve to work as a team.
  • That we must charge a fair price for our services so that the business remains healthy and we can continue to provide the quality of care our clients have come to expect.

The following payment methods are accepted at our hospital:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover and Debit Cards
  • CareCredit

If you are interested in an appointment, call us at 801-406-9443. Please fill out our new client form below: